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Felling pretty chipper, right now. Fair dinkum and fettled well. Chuffed to bits with a 3 stone weight loss and feeling 10yrs younger suddenly.


I have made about 10 bird tables since Christmas and sold them all at cost, but I am well pleased to see them in people's gardens and helping small birds everywhere.

Habitat News

Welcome to Alan's Animal Kingdom! 

Me and Lucy

Inset (Honey)

I invite you to give me my next project ?

Have you any habitat requirements.  If it can be made from wood, I would probably tackle it. From ladybird towers, to nice sit-in arbors and garden furniture, I will glue and screw, pin and dowel my way to any design concept.

All your animal Habitat requirements in one place
  • Bird Tables, feeders and nest boxes

  • Bee homes, Ladybird towers

  • Lacewing and Butterfly homes

  • Toad Halls (Overwintering)

  • Hedgehog Hotels

  • Cat and Dog Kennels

  • Garden Seating

  • Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutches

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