Bird Tables, Boxes, Feeders

Insect Homes, Hotels and breeding habitats

Hedgehog and Toad Homes,

Bee Boxes, Butterfly homes,

Cat & Dog Kennels etc.

(Since 2017)  


I build all manner of Wildlife and Pet habitats to order.

I am a retired, paraplegic ex business owner, with interests in photography (See photography section) and wildlife.  A few years ago, I started building wildlife homes, bee boxes and bird boxes initially, using wood supplied to me by local woodyards etc.  Now I build all types of wildlife homes, for Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Lacewings, other insects, Toads, Hedgehogs, Cats & Dogs etc.  - I am not in business and only continue this as a hobby, to keep myself active.  I charge only for the cost of wood, materials, glues, screws etc. and delivery costs.  For this reason, some of my projects are shown here.

 I donate to the RSPB for each item sold.

Available by appointment
Free Local Deliveries


10am-7pm any day

(0780 312 9733)



Multi platform bird table, 8ft high - Oak and Beech with curved ply outrunners. Sold: 

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