See photographs of many of my previous completed designs.  I use remnants of wood in each design, so no two tables are the same, whilst I will endeavour to create any table to your own design, or similar to any I have created before, in terms of size, shape, colour and function etc.

Bird Tables

All tables are weatherproofed, most even waterproof.  If you return any table to me, I will repair/restain and paint it, for a reasonable fee, based upon the size of table.

Insect & Animal Homes

I have built Beeboxes, Tit, Sparrow, Robin and Blackbird homes, Sparrow "colonies", Owl nest boxes, Bat Homes, Toad overwintering houses (Toad Hall), hedgehog homes, Lacewing and Butterfly hotels, Super Insect Hotels etc. (Even a heated outdoor, insulated cat kennel)

If you have a specific requirement, just click my contact page and let me know, or add me to your facebook, or tweet of facebook message me please ?

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